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The SafenSure Weight Loss Plan

There are hundreds of ways of losing weight and thousands of methods to regain it. Pills, designer foods, special diets, medical treatments can all help you in achieving this then why do you need another programme? People mistakenly assign most of their efforts to losing weight instead of maintaining weight loss. In reality, it should be the opposite-weight maintenance should be the focus. The key is not just losing weight but also maintaining the shape that you have achieved.

I really find it amusing when weight loss programmes make claims such as "lose 10 kg in 15 days" or try to attract people through before-and-after advertisements. Losing weight is one thing and maintaining the weight loss is quite another. Anyone can tell you how to lose weight, but there are a few who will tell you how to remain slim and trim. You can avoid the inconvenience of repeated failed diets once you know how to: Burn your own body fat as an energy source (lose 1 to 3 kg a week). Boost your metabolism naturally. Improve your digestion and liver function to detoxify your body and burn fat.

Help your hormones to keep fat off. Tone your body to bum fat. Reduce stress and banish overeating. Enjoy delicious recipes that are palatable, pleasant and satisfying.

Identify any allergies that may be contributing to your weight. Fast track your weight loss with natural supplements and herbs. Enjoy foods that burn calories fast. Learn to manage your hunger. Everybody is different, and every treatment should be different.

What I teach my clients are ways to help their bodies regulate weight automatically. Your body knows what to do. Treat it right and it will get on with its job. Every person is different and wants to be treated and respected as a unique person, not as a "number".

This is where many books and weight loss centres leave you in the dark. The author's weight loss programmes are typically aimed at modulating a healthy lifestyle. These programmes have a two-pronged approach: Weight Loss Weight Management Hunger Management The Perfect Dietary Regimen I recommend a dietary regimen I call NCMPP (Normal Carbohydrates-as prescribed by the Dietary Charts-Moderate Proteins and Low Fat). This dietary plan is ideal in naturally reducing weight and at the same time maintaining a perfect balance of nutrients in the body. It should be noted that one has to cut down on the calorie intake and not the basic nutrients required by the body.

The approach has to be two-pronged: first, increasing the metabolic rate so that you end up burning more calories (remember, each 450 grams of weight represents 3,500 Kcal) and second, creating a calorie deficiency in permissible limits (reducing calorie intake to less than 1,100 Kcal is not advisable), so that you end up consuming calories from your buffer. An ideal diet should have lots of water content, moderate minerals and moderate vitamins so that you maintain and enhance your BMR, thereby burning more calories.

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