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Five Tips For Summer Weight Loss

Summer Weight Loss Tips Since summer weight loss is on everyones to do list it's time to drop a few pounds before getting into that bathing suit! People lose weight much easier in the summer because there are so many more activities to participate in. Here are five tips to get your summer weight loss plan into high gear! 5 Summer Weight Loss Tips: 1. Healthy Treats - People generally go out to eat more often and eat more in the summer because it is hot. Make sure you load up on nutrient-dense snacks such as fruits and veggies, trail mix or dry cereal, whole wheat crackers and energy bars.

Bring these with you when you participate in outside activities. 2. Don't Get Lazy Because The Heat - For rapid weight loss ideas this is number one! Many people become lazy and don't take their summer weight loss seriously because it's hot. Save computer and TV time for the winter! Take up a new sport or participate in new outside activities you've never done. Swimming, Surfing, Golfing, or hiking. Just think of the thing you've always "wanted" to go do but never have? Go do it! 3.

WATER WATER WATER! During the summer it is important to get lots of fluids and most people don't get enough and it's hard to realize how much you've lost when being active. Many people when designing a summer weight loss program neglect to include extra water consumption as part of their diet. Its easily overlooked but probably one of the most important during the summer. Make sure before and after activities you consume liquids. Choose water over sports drinks almost every time.

4. Its Ok To Take A Nap - There has been studies that prove taking a nap can lower risk of heart disease and lower stress. A more prominent study was done in Greece and showed 3 naps a week reduced heart disease by a third!!! Get that lawn chair and make napping a part of your summer weight loss program! 5. Morning Exercise - Since it's easier to wake up earlier use that to exercise.

In the beginning if you are just starting a program wake up just as the sun is coming up and go for a walk. The cool air will get you started on the right foot. Winter gave us a good excuse to sleep in but now that its summer we can get up with the birds and take a brisk walk.

Within a few morning I PROMISE you will start feeling great. Bonus Tip: Although rigorous or moderate activity will help you lose weight there is NOTHING that will kick your summer weight loss program into high gear better than a good diet. You can actually slim down with the proper diet and NO exercise if you learn how to eat correctly. So as always we suggest you do these activities and 5 rapid weight loss tips in conjunction with a proper diet.

Learn how to tweak your diet to lose 30lbs in 30 days with NO exercise at summer weight loss

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