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Still Fat Stop Dieting And Start Detoxing

While a liver overburdened by fat, salt, and sugar defeats its role in metabolizing fats, having a healthy liver is one of the keys to optimal weight loss and maintenance. This article recommends life saving tips on how to better your liver in lieu of a sexier looking figure without the hassles of going to the gym.

Look, the fact that youre still fat has nothing to do with how much you diet and or excercise!

Its actually your liver and colon, silly. Because the liver is the organ responsible for filtering toxins from the bloodstream, a liver detox diet is a good way to lose excess body weight.

Before doing a liver cleanse, do a colon cleanse.

Studies show that a liver cleansing detox diet, ultimately, can aid in establishing a healthy and normal body weight.

However, a colon cleansing detox prior to a liver cleanse is emperical to the success of your weight loss regime. Colon cleanse is really the process of removing harmful bacteria, debris and toxins that have been logged in your bowel due to long periods of irregular movement. Such bacteria have found to be parasites that food companies deliberately put in the foods that continue to make you fatter and fatter. What really happens is that these dangerous parasites living inside your guts excrete chemicals (takes a poop) inside you, this chemical then travels to your brain and triggers your brain to continue to store more fat for these parasites to consume.

And that my friend is exactly why you hear people around you complaining about how
theyve been scratching their throats after every meal, yet still have trouble losing a single pound!

Now that you did your colon cleanse, get on a 3-day liver detox program.

What this is is that it requires 2 days of raw fruits and vegetable consumption to purify the liver and then 3 days of juice fasting. Day 1, drink 8 oz. of purified water in the morning to rinse your digestive tract to flush digestive juices and substances from the previous day.

One hour after, drink a blender of 8 ounces of citrus juice with 8 ounces of purified water, 2-5 cloves of garlic, 2-5 tablespoons of organic virgin olive oil and an inch long of fresh ginger root. Follow up after 15 minutes with 2 cups of herbal tea. Peppermint, chamomile or green tea is fine. You may eat as much fruits and vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as much as you want for the first day, until the third day into the detox program.

Thirdly, have a positive attitude while undergoing the program.

I cant tell you how important this is because physicians have found that a positive attitude can result in faster recovery after the detox and better coping during the detox. The reason for this is because our brain produces substances such as neuropeptides, which transmit chemical messages that direct our immune system. So keep it simple, spin some of your favourite music, have some best friends over, watch Family Guy or whatever.

One thing I should caution you though, make sure you do this one day before your weekend begins. This is because youll be needing the bathroom quite frequently. I dont think your boss would be happy that youre spending a quarter of your work day in the stall.

Unless you work at home, then thats a totally different story ;-).

Look my friend, its very simple. Stop listening to those conventional dieting methods and start implementing these three things; do a colon cleanse, a liver detox, and adopt a positive attitude while youre doing them. Its only going to be a week in your lifetime! Now do you want to continue to work your butt off at the treadmills for the rest of your life getting minimal results or get on this less than one-week long detox and achieve maximum results doing it? Do you still believe youre fat because you dont diet or exercise enough?


About the Author (text)Justin Gormus, a victim of eating disorders have \'reborn\' to help you develop a positive body image. If the information I provided doesn\'t quite work for you, email me at justinligormus@gmail.com for more info and other tips to optimal liver health and weight loss.

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