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Side Effects From Lung Cancer Treatments

There are numerous different side effects which mostly depend on the kind of treatment used for management and also the amount of time it has been given. These vary for each patient, and it also depends on things like fitness level, age, health, and a range of other factors. Fortunately these are usually only temporary. Medical personnel will explain the possible reactions of prescribed treatment, and also recommend ways of relieving symptoms that frequently occur during and after treatment.

Lung cancer surgery is a big operation for anyone to go through and patients confronted with this kind of operation frequently require a great deal of counselling. After surgery to the lungs, one of the usual problems associated is the accumulation of air and liquid deep in the chest. It's very important that patients who have under gone this kind of surgery have help in turning repeatedly and also the help of a physiotherapist to educate them in deep breathing exercises. These aid in expanding the lungs and preventing infection. Other things associated with this surgery that are difficult to deal with are discomfort on breathing, weakness to the chest and legs, and shortness of breath.

Chemotherapy drugs are toxic to all living cells, so they attack normal and cancerous cells alike, but they are more toxic to cancer cells. The concept behind chemotherapy is to deliver these drugs into your body in just the right portion to kill the cancer cells but leave all non-cancer cells alive and intact. However, during this process, the patient commonly becomes ill and also suffers a broad aray of adverse effects, which include; * Increased vulnerability to infection * hair loss * loss of appetite * nausea * mouth sores * weakness * headache * vomiting Other issues that are more serious include: early menopause in women and infertility in both men and women. Both of these side-effects (menopause and infertility) are everlasting.

The magnitude of the side effects depends on which chemotherapy drugs used for the treatment of and how much of the drug is used for the treatment. Radiation Therapy regrettably, also affects the normal cells as well as those that are cancerous. Radiation Therapy has numerous adverse effects which are normally dependent on which portion of the body that has been treated and also the dosage of radiation administered to the patient. These include; * loss of appetite * Sore throat * headaches * memory loss * difficulty in swallowing * hair loss * skin changes The major side effects of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) are the eyes and skin remain sensitive to light for 6 or more weeks after treatment.

Patients are encouraged to remain out of direct sunlight and brilliant indoor light for at least 6 weeks after undergoing treatment. If patients have to go outside, then they should wear protective eyeware and protective clothing which covers every portion of their body. Other temporary adverse effects of PDT could include; * Trouble swallowing * Shortness of breath * coughing * pain on inspiration (breathing) * on occasion the skin may become red, blistered or puffy, patients should consult with their physician about how to treat it. During and after their treatment patients should always ensure these issues have been discussed with their physician, this is extremely important.

They can then monitor their progress and swap treatments about if they become concerned about their patients condition.

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