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Revenge of the third world

According to an article in Le Monde and written by Jean-Yves Nau, AIDS has become no longer in an epidemic but in a "pandemic" of dire consequences for mankind, affecting especially today, much of underdeveloped countries in Africa and Asia, as well as americas and the Caribbean. "Thus, the columnist said that after twenty years of his appearance this new sexually transmitted disease and blood became, in fact, a contagious condition characteristic of the third world, bearer for this reason, the potential for serious germ discrimination ". You are right Mr Nau, AIDS is a disease mainly Third World and it ratified the last conference of the United Nations against the disease (UNAIDS), November 24, 1998: 95% of the virus carriers are natives of developing countries or live in them and 70% of those infected are Africans.

Because of this AIDS has been described as the revenge of the third world. Is Revenge why? Certainly those who think that the blame first and second world of all evils in the third. A similar example occurred when a motorcycle christened as "revenge Japanese" in a clear allusion to the disproportionate damage to the country Nippon due to the explosion of bombs Nagassaky and Hiroshima. Of course, in the case of the third world, there has been no such bombs.

By contrast, there is poverty ruthless. There is hunger. There are uncontrollable unemployment. There are dangerous ignorance. There is pain.

There is frustration. And all this kills more people per day that many bombs of Hiroshima. Apparently all this has no relationship with the developed world, with the rich world, with the affluent world. But, indisputably, the first world into something has helped because we live in a universe governed by market rules and those rules create inequalities, injustices, imbalances.

Marx said: "behind a great fortune there is always an enormous crime". The truth is that Marxist or antimarxismo, rightist or leftist, we all know the undisputed rule of capitalism: the wealth of some, impoverishes others. And guilty or not, the developed world has not made the necessary efforts to at least alleviate the misery of their fellow human beings, but, by contrast, has taken advantage of all its comparative advantages in economic, financial, agricultural, industrial policy and to enlarge its wealth not only themselves but mainly at the expense of the southern hemisphere. Therefore, if we consider that the breeding ground for AIDS is poverty and ignorance, we can not disapprove of all those brought to the disease as the revenge of the third world. What is the catastrophic state of nearly comatose who allegedly was avenging.

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