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How To Tell If You Are Depressed

Detecting anxiety and depression is one of the most important things you can do. It is truly the first step to recovery. To tell if you or a loved one is suffering from depression you will have at least five of the most common symptoms. These symptoms will affect your self-image in the following ways - feeling hopeless, feeling guilty, feeling worthless, feeling helpless, and feeling empty. If you feel any of these ways on a daily or regular basis, you may be suffering from depression. Other common symptoms are loss of interest in the activities that you enjoy the most and a decrease in energy in general.

If you find yourself sulking away from society, be sure to confide in a close relative or a friend how things are going. Failing to do so might be the last mistake you will ever make. You may also feel so tired and weak every day that its effecting your work or daily activities.

Because your body feels so weak, you will find that it is difficult to concentrate. You may become spacey and even blackout from your depression. Not only does your body feel tired, but your mind is tired to, so you will have the worst time remembering things. Another factor of depression is insomnia or hypersomnia.

Insomnia is where you find it hard to fall asleep or to stay asleep. You may awaken yourself numerous times during the night or rise early. Hypersomnia is when you sleep long hours of the day. Some have been known to sleep through days. You may also feel like your restless or irritable on a daily basis. The restlessness could bring on thoughts of death or suicide because you can't control yourself anymore.

Depression can also affect your diet. You may stop eating or overeat. So if you think you have any of these symptoms, you just might have a mild case of depression. Remember, however, that for depression to be depression and not just sadness, the effects have to persist for two weeks or more in length.

Whatever the source of your feelings, talking with a good friend always helps. If you are having thoughts of harming your self or of suicide, don't wait for them to go away on their own. Visit your doctor right away. There are lots of different treatments for depression, including drug therapy, light therapy (did you know that some people get depressed during winter months because their bodies aren't getting enough sunlight?) and counseling. If you are feeling depressed, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Many people suffer from one form of depression or another, and have successfully found a way to feel better.


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