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Are generic medications really as effective as a name brand medication

Those afflicted with erectile dysfunction have a difficult time with finding the cause of their problem and attempting to resolve it. This can be a frustrating problem for men and might make them feel isolated. But the truth is, millions of men suffer worldwide from erectile dysfunction.

The number of treatment options available corresponds to this need to treat the condition. But choosing among available treatments can be just as confusing and frustrating as the condition itself. Does one opt for an expensive name brand medication and take the chance it might not work? Are generic medications really as effective as a name brand medication? And what about over the counter treatments? Where to start and what to decide on? This website will help compare treatment options that are available as well as provide true customer experiences to help with the decision process. Our main focus will be on generic products, as this intermediate market seems to offer the best treatment options for most people without the risky expense of a name brand medication. Remember also that some companies do offer free trials of their products to help in the decision process.

Our first bit will be a Generic Cialis comparison to its name brand counterpart, followed by a Generic Viagra comparison. Since these are the two most popular medical treatments at present, most of the information will be regarding these drugs. The end result after a basic comparison will be customer testimonials about how well the generic products worked for them, and if they would rely on them for future treatment.

Free Generic Viagra and free Generic Cialis.
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